Organizations that are not able to send their reminders in batch by email or regular mail.
www.rekeningbeheren.nl is secured with an SSL-certificate according to the most safe option which is also used by banks and other financial service providers.
No, it is an online tool so with an internet connection you can access the software anytime and anywhere.
It is possible, but not necessary. We analyze the possibilities with you and determine an import based on your wishes and demands. This can be in any usual format.
Based on the defined import files you can browse to a file on your local drive or server and upload this manually. Another option is automating the process by transferring files by FTP-server.
No. Of course the size of the file influences the processing time.
In general, the reminders will be sent by email if the email address is registered for the customer, otherwise it will be sent to your own email address so you can print it. There is also a possibility to change this general setting on specific action level.
Yes, you can create an account with a payment service provider and enter the details in your account settings. The customer will be provided a user account on www.rekeningbeheren.nl as well and is able to click on the online payment button.
The costs are € 0,45 per transaction (subject to price changes of the payment service provider)
This is totally dependent on the size of the data and the number of users. We use fixed prices, so no surprises afterwards.
The reminder can be sent directly to your customers. You can enter a reply address for every single action. You need to enter our SPF records to your DNS server to prevent the mail ending up in the spam box of the recipient.
If the email address is not provided in the customer details, an email will be received with the reminders for each customer in a PDF file.This file can be printed or send. It is possible to choose for you personal logo in the PDF file or to printed on your own.